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Welcome to Lovely Hong Kong! We are here to show the world how lovely Hong Kong is as travelers' destination. About 40 million tourists from mainland China and other countries visited Hong Kong in 2012. Because she is highly developed, almost any of her places can be considered as visitor attraction.

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Starting in 2003, the Hong Kong government introduced various measures to facilitate entry of tourists. People around the world can visit Hong Kong without visa for period from seven days to 180 days. As a result, there was about double digit growth of tourist arrivals from Mainland China and other countries. There are hundreds of tourist attractions and shopping malls to visit. And there are thousands of world-class hotels and restaurants to choose from. You'll never ran out of things to do and visit in this global city. You may start planning your trip after going through our website so you could have a nice and unforgettable experience that you might keep on coming back to our lovely Hong Kong.

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How about you, have you visited Hong Kong already or are having a plan to visit? Please feel free to share your experiences or leave comments.

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