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Sai Kung Town

Seafood Street, Sai Kung Town

This photo of Seafood Street, Sai Kung Town is courtesy of Alanmak

Sai Kung town is a fishing village located in Sai Kung District which is often referred to as “Leisure Garden of Hong Kong.” It attracts local and foreign tourists alike. Many are now engage in settling in the area because of less pollution and the Sai Kung Peninsula is very enticing. The villages, beaches, and the whole surroundings are like paradise in no man’s land.

Seafood Restaurant in Seafood Street, Sai Kung Town

This photo of a seafood restaurant in Seafood Street, Sai Kung Town is courtesy of Au Manwen

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The village is famous for fresh seafood restaurants which are located in Sai Kung Promenade and Seafood Street and is very convenient. Most of the seafood restaurants in Sai Kung town have tanks full of different kinds of marine creatures where you can choose from if you want to eat them fresh. However, before buying you should check first the prices in advance to avoid unwanted surprises.  After having a meal you can stroll and take pictures around Sai Kung Waterfront and Sai Kung piers. Some fishermen sell fish in their boats along the Sai Kung Waterfront. There are other restaurants that offer non-seafood, so if you are a meat lover, you have some options. You can also find dessert and coffee shops around.

Sai Kung Waterfront

This photo of Sai Kung Waterfront in Sai Kung Town is courtesy of Au Manwen

Aside from food tripping, adventure to Sharp Island (Kiu Tsui Chau), a Global Geopark of Hong Kong about 2,000 meters from the Sai Kung town, is welcoming you. From the Sai Kung pier, a boat ride to Sharp Island is available leaving every 30 minutes that costs about HK$30 round trip. Here, tourists can have lots of things to do like swimming, diving, fishing, even  BBQ activities. The two beaches Half Moon Bay (Hap Mun Bay) and Kiu Tsui Beach can be found in the island. Have a unique experience walking across a tombolo from Sharp Island to neighboring Kiu Tau islet. Tombolo is a narrow bar of land that connects a small island to another island. This tombolo of Sharp Island is not always seen, appearing only during low tide.

Tombolo on Sharp Island, Sai Kung

This photo of tombolo on Sharp Island, Sai Kung is courtesy of Clément Bucco-Lechat

If you are a fan of wind surfing and kayaking, don’t forget to come to Sha Ha Beach, a center for water sports north of Sai Kung town. The equipments are somewhat new while the rentals for the canoes and kayaks are generally affordable. For those who are golf enthusiasts, Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course in Kau Sai Island is the place for you to visit. This island is just adjacent to Sharp Island. Here, you can visit the Hung Shing Temple which won a restoration project award from UNESCO Asia–Pacific Heritage in year 2000, and was declared a monument in 2002.

You can do more things and explore more places in visiting Sai Kung town and other places nearby that a day or two wouldn’t be enough.

Website : Travel in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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How about you, have you visited this place already or are having a plan to visit? Please feel free to share your experiences or leave comments.

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