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Dragon's Back

Dragon's Back

This photo of Dragon's Back is courtesy of Magnus Manske

It sounded like Harry Potter’s quest to slay the dragon, rest assure it’s not.  It isn’t the ride that’s grueling, it’s the trail.  In 2004, Dragon’s Back was chosen as the best hiking trail in Asia by Time magazine (Asia edition).

The trail of the Dragon’s Back extends 5 kilometers from Shek O Road towards the peak.  During the trial, you get to see the best 360-degrees panoramic view of the Shek O Peninsula.  The hike itself takes about 2 hours.

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At the start, the hike goes uphill continuously, that is mostly dirt path.  You may get uncomfortable with this.  But with the amazing view during the hike, you wouldn't mind the dirt paths anymore.

Atop the Dragon's Back, where the Shek O peak is, you get to see a sightseeing platform where you can catch your breath, drink some water and look at the panoramic view of Shek O Peninsula.

The hike itself isn’t strenuous.  It was pretty moderate hike.  You get to enjoy it midday and take a dip afterwards in the Shek O beach.

What to consider when hiking on Dragon’s Back:

The hike itself is an awesome experience.  When in Hong Kong, don’t forget to visit and walk through the Dragon’s Back. Are you ready to take the challenge? It’s free and beautiful.

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How about you, have you visited this place already or are having a plan to visit? Please feel free to share your experiences or leave comments.

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