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Hong Kong Tramways

Hong Kong Tramways

Hong Kong Tramways

Your Hong Kong experience would not be complete without riding in one of the Tramways.  Hong Kong Tramways serves as a public transportation since 1904.  It is historic, contemporary and convenient. Aside from that, it became one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hong Kong.

Riding the Hong Kong Tramways takes you back in history.  You get to enjoy the view as if you are in a moving theatre of bustling city streets and sceneries.  It is a great way to get by and the tram is also environmentally friendly.  The Hong Kong tramway is the only exclusive double-decker tram in the world.

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With more than 100 years of history, Hong Kong Tramways bears witness to Hong Kong’s progress and development.  It is still the most efficient and economical mode of public transportation in Hong Kong.

As a tourist attraction, the Hong Kong Tramways catered more than 200,000 passengers daily on average.  The tram goes through 6 routes and has about 120 stops at a 30 kilometer stretch.  It stops between the cities of Shau Kei Wan, Happy Valley, and Kennedy Town.

Fares for the tram service are relatively cheap.  They even provide prepaid journey tickets for month-long tickets and four-day pass.  Time and schedules are kept so you know that they are always on-time.

The 6 main routes of Hong Kong Tramways are conveniently over the following:

  1. Shau Kei Wan        -            Western Market
  2. Shau Kei Wan        -            Happy Valley
  3. North Point             -            Shek Tong Tsui
  4. Causeway Bay        -            Shek Tong Tsui
  5. Happy Valley          -            Kennedy Town
  6. Shau Kei Wan        -            Kennedy Town

You can board the tram at the designated stops at 250 meters intervals.  Trams come at about 1.5 minute interval between each other during peak hours on average.  The journey usually takes about 90 minutes, giving you ample glimpse of the city on your journey, where you can take pictures, document your journey, and learn the history of Hong Kong just by riding the Hong Kong Tramways. It is really a history and contemporary all-in-one.

Website : Hong Kong Tramways

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How about you, have you visited this place already or are having a plan to visit? Please feel free to share your experiences or leave comments.

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