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Nathan Road in Mongkok

Nathan Road, Mongkok

Mongkok is located at the heart of Kowloon peninsula. The center of both residential and commercial area in Hong Kong and is very accessible to any kind of public transportation. It is a place famous for bargain in the flea market where you can find all sorts of things from clothes and accessories to gadgets and other things small or big that will catch your interest. If you are in a high spirit of shopping some luxury goods, you can do a shopping spree because anywhere you hop within Mongkok, shopping malls are there offering you an air-conditioned and enjoyable shopping experience.

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Mongkok is one of the densest places in Hong Kong. Its population density of 130,000 person/km2 or 333,000 person/mi2 is very high. According to Guinness World Records, Mongkok is the busiest district in the world. So many people including tourists roam around because of so many affordable items to buy for personal use, gifts, and souvenirs for the best price and best quality. We suggest that you better wear comfortable clothes and footwear for a long walk and worthy search.

Aside from shopping, foods in Mongkok are everywhere, may it be in a restaurant or just a street food. They are very tempting and delicious that will test your appetite. Varieties of cuisine are available from local cuisine, Japanese, Korean, Shanghainese, Sichuan, Thai, and others. And never miss to try the “yum cha” style - restaurants that offer foods like dumplings, barbecued pork buns, spring rolls and other delicious appetizers accompanied by tea. You’ll never regret as it will satisfy your stomach.

If you are tired from a day of shopping, eating, and roaming around the area and wish to retire for the day, a place to stay is what you need. Anywhere around Mongkok you can find a place to stay from budget lodging houses and guest houses to luxury hotels. Just remember to book yourself from the government authorized guest houses for your convenient stay for a night or two.

Going to Mongkok from the point where you are in the region or from the airport is easy. Transportation in Hong Kong has a good system to make your travel from place to place relaxing and fun. You can take MTR, bus or taxi and you will never get lost.

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How about you, have you visited this place already or are having a plan to visit? Please feel free to share your experiences or leave comments.

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