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Elements Shopping Mall

Elements Shopping Mall, Hong Kong

This photo of Elements Shopping Mall is courtesy of WiNG

Are you into shopping, leisure, dining, entertainment, and culture? Introducing the huge shopping mall that offers you a one-stop shopping experience in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the Elements Shopping Mall. The mall stands on MTR Kowloon Station and Airport Express Kowloon Station and located at 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui. It is also linked to the International Commerce Center – the city’s tallest building where you can go up to Sky 100 for a spectcular view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Skyline. It is designed by the world-renowned Benoy, themed after the five Chinese elements of wood (health, beauty, & lifestyle), water (international cuisine), fire (entertainment), earth (fashion), and metal (luxury brands & world class dining) – meaning the balance and high end lifestyle.

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Elements Shopping Mall Entrance

This photo of Elements Shopping Mall Entrance is courtesy of WiNG

Elements Shopping Mall offers mid to upper price and luxury fashion brands, jewelries, accessories, natural and organic food supermarket 360, and a number of popular Hong Kong inaugurations like Mulberry and BALS TOKYO. It consists of numerous shops, an ice rink and 1600 seat Grand Cinema, the largest cinema in Hong Kong, with ten wash rooms. What’s more interesting is that both male and female washrooms are stocked with colognes, perfumes, aftershaves, shaver and make-up for the guests to refresh and retouch themselves. The building staffs ensure that all these personal items are kept hygienic. The lobby has a sitting area with magazine rack for a decent and comfortable place to sit in waiting for a friend or companion.

High end shops that are notable are Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Brooks Brothers, Giorgio Armani, Montblanc, Cartier, and more. Shopping in Elements Shopping Mall has a great emphasis on fashion and wardrobe with luxury. The reason about half of the total shops belong to that category which people loved and enjoy with so much pride. Elements Shopping Mall is a combination of prestigious, luxurious, and famous brand shopping.

Elements Shopping Mall Civic Square

This photo of Elements Shopping Mall Civic Square is courtesy of WiNG

The alfresco dining in the Civic Square on level 3 offers different cuisines that you can choose from after of a long shopping for goods that you like. There you can relax and enjoy your food and drinks in the open air while savoring the experience that you had for a day of shopping.

Website : Elements Shopping Mall

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