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The Lobby at The Peninsula

The Lobby Restaurant at The Peninsula, Hong Kong

This photo of The Lobby at The Peninsula is courtesy of Hoispenard via Wikimedia Commons.

One of the finest and most luxurious hotels in the world is The Peninsula Hong Kong. Established in 1928, this classic haven of elegance and etiquette has withstood the changes of time and retained its timeless rendezvous of high class fine dining and accommodation. Visit the most sought after Afternoon Tea at The Lobby at The Peninsula to have a taste of the planet’s most exquisite delicacies cooked to perfection and presented with style. To top it off, you don’t have to worry about draining your budget as the food is fairly priced for people to enjoy every sip, every taste and every meal served to the customer’s delight.

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While you enjoy your meal at The Lobby at The Peninsula, it gives you a feeling of nostalgia, awe and wonder with the golden ages of Hong Kong as you gaze above with neo-classical features and designs of the ceilings and archways.  Be in trance as you step into the world of carefree and worry free while time freezes to the ways when people have always had time for a relaxing tea time in the afternoon.

Visit the Grand Dame of one of the world’s finest hotels and enjoy an outstanding meal experience at The Lobby at The Peninsula while you enjoy the best of Hong Kong wonders.

Website : The Lobby at The Peninsula, Hong Kong

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How about you, have you visited this place already or are having a plan to visit? Please feel free to share your experiences or leave comments.

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