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Dialogue in the Dark

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Are you looking for an activity with a unique concept in Hong Kong? Make the Dialogue in the Dark be on your top list. It is a highlighted attraction of Hong Kong where most people are amazed and thrilled by a rare exhibition and workshop to explore the unseen. The concept is you will be placed into the room of darkness where your sense of sight has taken from you but you are provided an opportunity to explore five different environments using your sense of smell, hearing (of sound), touch (of texture), feeling (temperature), and taste.

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Dialogue in the Dark is located at Shop 215, 2nd floor, The Household Center, Nob Hill Square, #8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo, Kowloon. There are two ways to get there: You may take MTR to Mei Foo Station, Exit at C1 then turn to the right and walk along Lai Wan Road past of Lai Chi Kok Government Offices until you reach The Household Centre, or by Bus 6A from Star Ferry Terminus and get off at Lai Chi Kok Bus Terminus. It is also suggested that before going to the place it is best to book your tickets ahead rather than be there spontaneously. Ticket prices vary between Weekdays, Weekends, and Public Holidays. Discounts are given to elderly, students, and with birthday month. It is closed every Monday.

For the start of the unforgettable activity experience, all things that could produce lights are kept. Then, with closed eyes and a cane in hand, you will be guided by a professional tour guide into the world of darkness, a unique opportunity to challenge and understand yourself in a better way. You will experience to see how it goes further with normal sighted people wandering the dark with blind people providing them with security and a sense of orientation.

SomeDialogue in the Dark activities for the general public (individual or group) to discover the unseen in the dark area are:

Dialogue in the Dark is a good adventure especially that our nature always does everything in the light and not in the dark. Overall, the challenging, fun, and unique learning activities will give one an unforgettable experience and a reflection to share with others.

Website : Dialogue in the Dark, Hong Kong

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How about you, have you visited this place already or are having a plan to visit? Please feel free to share your experiences or leave comments.

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