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Times Square Shopping Mall

Times Square Shopping Mall, Hong Kong

This photo of Times Square Shopping Mall is courtesy of BrokenSphere.

When you hear about Times Square, you can’t help but think about New York City. But did you know Hong Kong also has Times Square?

Times Square in Hong Kong is a major shopping center located in Causeway Bay.  It is also an office tower complex.  Being the first of its kind, the Times Square is the first “vertical mall” in Hong Kong.  This is the district’s largest mall, where all of the roads lead to Times Square, and famous for its night entertainment scenes.  It offers a mix of mid-ranges stores that focuses on the average demographics - trying to make the brands reachable to mass audiences.

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Times Square Mall, Hong Kong

This photo of Times Square Shopping Mall escalators is courtesy of Timahaowemi via Wikimedia Commons.

The mall itself is a 9-storey multilevel building that comprises 230 stores of luxury fashion accessories, electronics stores, toys, and department stores.  It also has a supermarket and more than 20 restaurants.  So you will definitely find what you are looking for in Times Square.

Aside from the stores, Times Square in Hong Kong also attracted several international restaurants with varied cuisines and an excellent food court to basically focus on the prepared meals including, the inspirationally named “curry in a hurry”.  The shopping complex also has cinema.

Times Square Shopping Mall Interior

This photo of Times Square Shopping Mall interior is courtesy of Timahaowemi via Wikimedia Commons.

Thousands of people go to the store daily and even more during the holiday season especially New Year’s eve where people take part of the New Year’s countdown.  It could be an additional attraction for shoppers who really want to explore the place.  The mall also has elaborate displays during festivals set up in the mall entrance.

Hong Kong has long been known as the shopping capital in Asia.  With their gigantic malls and easy to navigate MTRs, you are bound to bump into one store or another.  And what better way to start your shopping adventure than to see Times Square Shopping Mall.  Just follow the signs… all roads lead to Times Square.

Website : Times Square, Hong Kong

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How about you, have you visited this place already or are having a plan to visit? Please feel free to share your experiences or leave comments.

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